Being a New York area sports fan sucks.


Okay, here it is. I am a die hard New York Yankees, Giants, Nets, and New Jersey Devils fan. Being completely honest, there is nothing worse right now than being a New York area sports fan. The most positive thing going for me as of right now is, as embarrassing as it may be, that the New York Giants, sitting at an outstanding 1-4, are only 1.5 games out of first place. The New York Jets seemingly have found their franchise quarterback in  Sam Darnold, but we are talking about the Jets and it’s only a matter of time until he runs into the mammoth ass of one of his offensive lineman and fumbles the ball. Do I really even have to go into any detail about the Bills? The New York Mets are the laughing stock of baseball because they have the best pitching staff in baseball that can’t seem to ever be on the field at the same time.  The New York Yankees, who in 2017, with a young, inexperienced team, came one win shy of playing for a World Series, signed the reigning National League MVP in Giancarlo Stanton and somehow got worse? They were bounced in the ALDS, losing the series 3-1 and getting outscored 20-4 ON THEIR HOME FIELD IN THE PLAYOFFS, by none other than the dirty bean town bastards that are the Red Sox. Their pitching staff (aside from that beautiful asian beast Tanaka) looked like shit. The lineup that broke the regular season team homer record with 267 home runs was completely neutralized. The New York Knicks are almost as much as a laughing stock as my Brooklyn Nets. The New York Rangers are “going to be great” every year and of course disappoint just like every NY sports team in recent years. The New Jersey Devils are too young to make any kind of deep run into the NHL playoffs. The New York Islanders lost their best player in Jon Tavares, which basically dismantled the franchise, and he is KILLING it in Toronto. It’s been really rough being an NY area sports fan as of late. For the love of God, will someone from this area win a championship sometime soon? NY was the center of the sports universe at one point, and I want– no I need it to get back to that; it’s what this area deserves. When NY teams are competing in their respective sport, it does nothing but good for that sport and the area. It makes the miserable people around here just that much more bearable when you can discuss how good your favorite teams are doing.  So, please, MAKE NY SPORTS GREAT AGAIN.



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