The Giants Will Be More Successful When Eli Manning is Gone

 ESTIMATED READING TIME: 2 and half minutes

The love affair between New York Giant fans and Eli Manning is completely understandable.

Manning brought the franchise two Super Bowl Championships and is one of only two active quarterbacks not named Tom Brady with multiple Super Bowl victories.

Manning has been the face of the franchise for over a decade and a half – an iron man who started 210 straight games, which ranks second all-time among quarterbacks. 

Manning has earned himself a spot on the Mount Rushmore of players for the franchise and should be a first-ballot Hall of Famer.  But the love affair will inevitably come to an end soon.  And the Giants will be better off for it.

With the current state of the NFL, the winning formula has become very clear – OBJ and Saquonsurround a young, talented quarterback with all the talent you can while he is under his rookie contract.  The Rams, Eagles, and Chiefs have all followed the blueprint made famous by the Seahawks.

Rookie contract slotting has made this the easiest way to find success quickly, especially after a rebuild.  Gone are the days of Sam Braford’s $86 million rookie deal.

Teams are becoming more committed to finding success with a young quarterback.  The Cowboys went 13-3 in Dak Prescott’s rookie season.  In Carson Wentz’s second year in the league, the Eagles were the first seed in the NFC and won the Super Bowl. 

The Rams and Chiefs have combined for just one loss this season and both brought in big name free agents this off season.  The Bears just signed Khalil Mack to the biggest contract in NFL history for a defensive player. 

When the Giants inevitably move on from Eli Manning, they will be a much more dangerous team. 

Yes, the offensive line needs to be spruced up – to put it mildly.  But any quarterback they draft will most likely find immediate success in this offense.patrick-mahomes

The Chiefs traded up to select Pat Mahomes when they already had weapons for him to use and in his second year he is breaking records and the offense looks nearly unstoppable.

Most rookie quarterbacks are drafted into a much less ideal situation and are surrounded with less talent to begin with.  The team then looks to build up around the quarterback. 

Baker Mayfield has the best set of skill players out of all the rookie quarterbacks this year.  The Jets, Bills, and Cardinals all need to add talent around their young starter.

When the Giants add their rookie quarterback, he will have a better set of skill players around him than any other quarterback in the league.  He will have arguably the best receiver and running back duo in the league, an athletic tight end that stretches the field, and a shifty slot receiver. 

Once the offensive line is fixed – which is usually an easier task than the Giants have made it look in recent years – the Giants will be able to get the most out of their young quarterback.

With Manning gone, the team will be more inclined to spend money on big name free agents.  They can bring in more talent to be successful, both on the offensive and defensive side of the ball.    

Do not be surprised if the quarterback the Giants draft puts up great numbers from the start.    

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