Possible Trade Destinations For Odell Beckham, Jr.

For the second time in as many years, things do not look good for the New York Giants.  They have had a tough month on and off the field, something I wrote about last week.

Last Tuesday, Giants owner John Mara joined the conversation, calling out the team’s star receiver for comments made in an interview with Josina Anderson.

At the NFL owners meeting in New York Mara said of Odell Beckham Jr., “I wish he would create the headlines by his play on the field as opposed to what he says and does off the field.”

Mara went on to add, “I think he needs to do a little more playing and a little less talking.”

The situation with the Giants has clearly gotten worse and now the Giants are in the middle of a full-blown rebuild, trading away Eli Apple and Damon Harrison in the last 24 hours.

Over the summer, it was rumored that the Giants were discussing the possibility of trading Beckham.

Arguably the most skilled receiver in the game, Beckham would add value to any team who desires a 25-year-old wideout with game-changing abilities.

Although the asking price would be high, we have recently seen teams in the NFL give up a lot in return for generational talent (see: the Chicago Bears and Khalil Mack).

Let me make one thing perfectly clear – it would be a mistake for the Giants to trade Odell Beckham Jr., an already polished receiver about to enter the prime of his career.

But if the organization decides that the headache he causes off the field is too much to put up with, there is a chance they would move the star receiver.

For a historically buttoned up organization and owner, the past few years have given John Mara and the Giants all they can handle; from the mishandling of the Josh Brown incident, to the media nightmare that was the Eli Manning benching, to a very out-spoken star calling out his teammates.

Never in the organization’s history have they had to deal with this.  Not with Lawrence Taylor, not with Tiki Barber, not with any of the team’s other stars.

Beckham already has everything a young athlete could want: money and fame (besides being the highest paid receiver in the NFL, he also has the richest NFL shoe deal with Nike).

So, what does he desire?

Winning and stats.

If the Giants were to part ways with Beckham, here are some possible destinations that could provide just that:

  1. San Francisco 49ers

Pairing up Beckham with Garoppolo (once healthy) would provide offensive guru Kyle Shanahan plenty of weapons to attack opposing defenses.  An offense with plenty of speed already, Beckham would immediately step in and become the number one receiver amidst a young core of receivers.   Beckham would fit right into Shanahan’s playbook, filling the spot of Julio Jones who had plenty of success when Shanahan was OC in Atlanta.  The 49ers would be gearing up for a future run at the NFC title in a division that will quickly become weak once the short-term contracts on the Rams run out and they have to pay quarterback Jared Goff.

  1. New England Patriots

Think Randy Moss.  Bill Belichick has a history of making big time moves to help his Hall of Fame quarterback.  With time running out on the Patriots hold of the AFC, will the organization pull the trigger on another game-changing player to give Brady one more shot?  Imagine what Belichick would do with Gronk, Beckham, and the reemerging Josh Gordon.

  1. Green Bay Packers

First year GM Brian Gutekunst appears to be more committed to giving Aaron Rodgers a better shot at winning than Ted Thompson ever was.  After missing out on the Khalil Mack sweepstakes, it wouldn’t be surprising if Gutekunst gives Dave Gettleman a call if Beckham were to become available.  Green Bay has plenty of cap space and is loaded with two first round picks for the 2019 draft.

  1. Cleveland Browns

An AFC team with the capital and cap space to get Beckham, the Browns are in the process of finishing an embarrassing rebuild and football in Cleveland finally seems to be relevant again.  Baker Mayfield has pumped life into this once dead franchise.  The most likely destination, Beckham could find success next to his friend and college teammate Jarvis Landry.  The Browns would have multiple weapons on offense and a quarterback that would be able to unlock their potential.
Dark horses:

Carolina Panthers

At some point, the Panthers might want to get Cam Newton a real receiver to throw to.  McCaffrey is great out of the backfield, but his next best option is the oft-injured Greg Olson.  With Beckham’s ability to stretch the field, Newton would become more dangerous.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Beckham reunites with Tom Coughlin, who is seemingly the last person in the organization who tried to discipline him.  Coughlin spoke about the star receiver, saying that he is a great young man and a great football player.  Coughlin’s relationship with Beckham and the Giants organization would help here.

New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees is breaking records left and right.  The organization is committed to giving him the best chance possible at another title before he retires.  Imagine the fit opposing defenses would have trying to stop Michael Thomas, Beckham, and Alvin Kamara in that dome?

New York Jets

That’s right, the Jets give their young quarterback a shiny new weapon to use.  Very unlikely considering the two teams share the same home and same market, but Sam Darnold can dream, can’t he..?

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