Dark Days in Chicago

By Mike Burvee You can count me in the mix with the hundreds of thousands of fans who are now counting down the days until baseball is back in the Windy City. After all, what’s there to look forward to with hockey and basketball collapsing once again this season?                 The Chicago Bears made improvements… Continue reading Dark Days in Chicago


Bears eliminated off Double-Doink

pic: NOLA.com By Mike Burvee Either way the game ended, it was going to bring with it a good narrative and keep one fan base happy. Unfortunately for those wearing orange and blue, a last second field goal off the foot of Cody Parkey hit the upright and the goal post as it fell, bouncing… Continue reading Bears eliminated off Double-Doink


Playoff Football in Soldier Field

By Mike Burvee The Bears are in the playoffs, that’s a given. What we don’t know yet is WHO they’re going to play with three different scenarios. Those three are the Minnesota Vikings, Seattle Seahawks and the Philadelphia Eagles. The other, much slimmer option, is to win on Sunday and hope that somehow the LA… Continue reading Playoff Football in Soldier Field


Eli Deserves A Better Goodbye

Break ups are tough.  They can get ugly.  They can bring out the worst in people. Break ups in sports are no different. Every player has the dream of riding off into the sunset after a championship.  Very rarely does this happen.  Very rarely do players go out on their own terms. This is especially… Continue reading Eli Deserves A Better Goodbye

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The Future Is Bright For Football In NY

While it may seem as though the Giants and Jets are going about rebuilds in very different ways, the two teams are following the same outline.  With the new salary cap restrictions and rookie pay scale, there are two ways in which teams are successful in today’s NFL.  The first follows the blueprint of the… Continue reading The Future Is Bright For Football In NY